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how do I get past the secretary



  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Hi Craig, I really like the two phone call deal, which I plan on using here real soon.Everyone comes up with ideas for me on who to market to, but nobody really tells me how and being the fact that I`m not a very good salesperson. Anyway my sister came up with an idea that I should market to Ronald McDonald house. After the phone calls, how do I explain, that I am not donating baskets, but looking to sell them baskets and at a very reasonable cost. I have a personal interest in this idea, (my son had cancer when he was younger and they had not put in the Ronald McDonald house,yet) anyway, I need to know how to approach the subject with person in charge. I know this should be in a different category. Just give me an idea to head me in the right direction. Thanks, Karen
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Actually, I lost a big order,900 baskets, because I just couldn`t do them for $5 each. And I could not see anyone else being able to, and making any profit, or possibly even losing money. But the one thing I learned, I should have done it.So, you win some, you lose some, right?Karen
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    If it were me, I`d go in and ask the "sweet volunteer ladies" who their boss was and then ask to speak to that person. I would have 2 or 3 baskets with me. If you get  to speak with that person then find out who is responsible for purchasing. Just get names but be prepared to meet in person on the spot. If you get to the decision maker, offer the 2 or 3 baskets for free as a trial run. Tell them you`ll come back in a week and pick them up if they don`t sell.  100% profit for them on two or three baskets with no obligation. If they sell you`re a shoe in for more orders, if they don`t you`ve only lost your time.
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Hi Craig, just to let you know I haven`t been ignoring you or your question, but I have been busy. Not with work though. My Dad (he`s 83) fell 3 weeks ago while he was in WA. So he drove all the way back to CA to go to the drs. He was afraid they would put him in the hospital. So, I have been going back and forth to his place helping him out. Luckily business has been slow, (which means I should be out pounding the pavement) As to your question,  For what they wanted, it would have cost me $6 per. I ammended the proposal and created something comparable, that I could give them at $5 per, but they had their mind set. It was for a major hospital in the area and would have brought in more orders for special events. (nurse`s conventions, employee appreciations, etc.) Not to mention the fact that my business cards would be in 900 baskets. The lady I was negotiating with, ended up purchasing small items, and putting them together in a small plastic tote bag as the employees walked into her office. She had boxes stacked to the ceiling. I wasn`t up against any competition that I know of.  I create my baskets from start to finish myself. From the basket or container used, to arranging the items, to shrink wrapping, and putting on the finishing touches. Every basket is hand done. And every one is going to be unique, even if they have the same items in them. I take pride in what I do, and if it doesn`t look right to me, I take it apart and start over. I feel my time is worth that extra buck.
    Better go.
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Actually, there is a thread on this forum, which I started, on proposals and budget.,(somewhere)
    When I first started going after this particular sale. Just a basic rundown, I was placing baskets in the conciegre office at the hospital, and they were interested in my mug baskets, that were going for $12 -$15 ea. So, I assumed, (big mistake on my part), that was their budget, and nobody brought up that point, until after the proposal was presented. I`m learning from my mistakes.
    I also knew, from my research prior, that nobody else could do it, at that price, either.
    I went to Barnes and Noble this morning and picked up the book, "Selling for Dummies". I meant to get on this thread prior to going, so that I could look for the book that Craig (salesdude ) had recommended.
    Craig, tell your wife tohang in there. As for my Dad, he`s back to his old cranky self.
    Hope everyone has a great day.
  • JDaSilvaJDaSilva subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello all, I wish I had stumbled across this thread earlier. I could`ve really used all of the suggestions etc. offered to Karen but I guess it was too late for me...such is life...
    But if anyone is still reading and can help me out and offer suggestions with my particular problem that would be greatly appreciated...
    I work in sales, more specifically, sales of corporate hospitality sporting packages (eg. F-1, Olympics, Soccer, Golf, & Football combined with package deals providing all inclusive service ranging from 5-star hotel stays, mingling events with celebrity guest speakers to full course meals all day round when avaiable, and other facilities to ensure a good time...not to mention the the sporting event itself....be it a F-1 race or Euro 2008 match) 
    My main target group are Top Executives / DM`s etc...Pretty much, I have to get them to buy one or two of our packages to go out for a round of golf or F-1 race with either clients they`re trying to pick up or just other executives on their teams and relax while enjoying the event...
    The problem I`ve been having, although I`ve managed to close a few deals, is very much like the situation Karen was having...getting in the door.  After reading through some previous posts here on how to handle gatekeeps etc I have to try them out and see how they fit for me but does any one have any suggestions as it relates to my specific product? 
    Corporate Hospitality + Sports Events
    Thank you for the time.
  • rbrucerbruce subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Karen
    Heres my thoughts. Next time offer them an incentive package. $XX for up to 100 baskets, $X0 for 200+ and so on. Remember the value of those business cards and being able to say to the next hospital ...well. I have just placed 900 with such and such hosp down the street.
    Yes, its nice to say hey my product is worth $XX but at the end of the day what did your bank account say????? We are building our business`s here, we dont have a ton in the bank and making a name for ourselves is one of the strongest things we can do.
    Just my thoughts and my best wishes for your father.
    Rob B.
  • jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    If you don't encunter the gatekeeper, you might get in touch with decision maker which sometimes more rude specially if they have been offered by telemarketer. I suggest send them something in print which will make sense for them specially if they know exactly what they are dealling with. Send them postcards or flyers and brochures all containing your offer. Learn some basic prints campaign from here http://www.digitekprinting.com/envelopes
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