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Hi All -

I am brand new here, and I come seeking advice. If this is NOT the right community, please let me know.

A few years ago I wrote a blog about some of my experiences in the Elevator Maintenance industry (pretty esoteric, I know).

I ended up ranking for some critical key words and every month I get between 2 -3 property managers looking for a recommendation to a local Elevator Maintenance company.

I would like to monetize these leads via fees. I am thinking I want to charge $50 - $100 / month to be listed on my site as an Elevator Maintenance Vendor and then they will get leads.

Here is my challenge. There are 4 big elevator companies across the country and I won't work with them (part of my blog is about how they stink). There are hundreds of local mom and pop shops out there. However, almost all of them are local operations so the odds that I get a lead for say the Chicago area is limited and therefore I won't be providing the companies a lot of value.

I would love suggestions of how I can monetize my site or maybe something I am not thinking about?

Thank you,


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