Starting a business. Any advice?

EricaErica subscriber Posts: 2 Member

I'm starting a business using funds from donations. Raised $200 in a few days, I'm pretty excited. I have a lot planned like a website and a place locally to sell from. This project is in it's infancy right now and any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  • fastvideolikesfastvideolikes New Yorksubscriber Posts: 37 Bronze Level Member

    If you going to starting a business, then the first prepare related relationship with your business how to run a business. Make social media for promote your business. Daily post on Social media platform to increase your business awareness.

  • JewelryBundJewelryBund subscriber Posts: 7 Member

    Great to learn that you raised dollars in short time. I would suggest you find clues about women's needs because women are always shopping, so if you are planning a business, an one to target women will be very profitable such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc. And you mentioned you are planning on a website, so think about some business to sell stuffs to women and ladies, you will make great money in this way!

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