I have a great idea, but I think I need a patent lawyer

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I have had such wonderful ideas in my life. about 8 years ago, right after a young lady was kidnapped, I actually thought of gps shoes, and selling the service.  I went out of town and presented the idea to an electronics co, but they shot me down, saying they would cost too much to develop.  Now, I see them being sold for about $375.00 and the service is $19.95 per month.  No use crying over spilt milk though.
I have a wonderful new idea, and I am actually having the product made, it will be ready the first week of March.  Here is my delema.  Do to a recent divorce, I am pretty broke.  I am working all the time , to just survive.  I need a little help from a patent attorney, and I am willing to discuss fees, but I might need  a payment plan.   I would prefer an authorized Patent attorney, somewhere in the central Ca area to the bay area.  Any recommendations?  please email me at [email protected]</A>.  Thank you.


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    I have done these types of transactions with the patent application being filed AFTER the total payments have been made.  That usually works out OK for me and the client.  Unfortunately, I have also filed patent applications for clients and trusted them to pay me - that did not always work for me.  I think most attorneys will have the policy that attorneys are not bankers and if your bank and/or friends and/or family do not believe in you enough to give/loan you the money, there is probably no good reason for the attorney to loan you the money either.
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    Wow, I did not expect such a quick responce.  Thanks Mr. Linden.  Can you tell me what the average professional service costs is to research, and file for a patent?
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    I don`t know of such a number or if there are actual studies done to determine such a number.  I can tell you it will vary by [in no particular order] such things as:
    the location of the attorney,the complexity of the case,the technology involved,the amount of known prior art [such as other patents],the length of the disclosure needed to teach to make and use the invention.
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    do the patent yourself or just bring it to market. at times i think inventors and entrepreneurs put too much emphasis on patents. 
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    great advice if you don`t mind others copying your invention - there is no law saying you have to have a patent to sell a good product and make money.
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