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Hello!!! My husband and I are trying to find an investor for our start up costs. We are in the beginning stages of our business plan with our authentic Filipino restaurant. my husband is Filipino and grew up cooking in his fathers restaurant in the Philippines. he is amazing! we live in NJ. our town has a Philippine church and we are located next door to a huge military installation base. the closest Philippine cuisine is 30+ mins away. there is nothing like this available in our area and I know we would thrive! my husband already has a following just waiting for us to open. Finding a place to rent would not be an issue, it's the start up costs that we are looking for. $100,000 should get us up and running to sustain the restaurant for 6 months at which time profits would start rolling in. we truly believe this will be a huge success! we just need someone to believe in us!


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    I have same problem to find investor

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    Hello, Magabilin and Pasoyin!

    What are some of the different routes that you guys have taken to identify investors so far? Are you considering debt financing? Or are you strictly looking for equity investors? I'm interested in hearing about what you've found that has worked well and also what hasn't gone so well.

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    I've got something for you. First, it is tips to find an investor from the investor himself. Find in the net article "Tips on How to Find and Reach Investors Your Startup Needs" in XB Software's Blog

    and second is the investor pitch structure. With it you can prepare a presentation for the investor to raise funds.

    Hope you'll find it helpful.


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