How can we do business with out money?

chanakyachanakya Posts: 1subscriber Member

Writing this article doesn't mean that I know the answer guys but like me there are count less minds having this thought in their daily life. Sometimes we are always in thought about business but we have zeal ,enthusiasm & dream to start a business at last don't know how to do .So, Business is not about the money ,it's all about the how we are giving value to the customer.Can anyone know the business the without investment of money but should be legal and minimum returns.


  • M FrancesM Frances Posts: 7subscriber Member

    Hi Chanakya,

    I think what you're asking is how to start up a business without funding. If so, I can tell you that it's not easy, but it CAN be done, depending upon what business you're thinking about.

    If it's a service business that relies upon YOU to provide the labor, you begin by getting one client, then another, etc. When you reach the point at which you can no longer handle all of the work yourself, you hire people to provide the same service to the additional clients.

    It's more difficult to start a business without funds if you're selling something, but it CAN be done if you can purchase your products in small batches, resell them and reinvest as much money as possible in your business so you can buy more products, etc.

    What type of a business did you have in mind?

    Good luck!

  • LinLin Posts: 4subscriber Member

    I have heard that there are several key considerations you need to be aware of when you want to buy a business like you need a good customer base, need to finance, need to have a lot of supplies of products.

    I read this blog from the Business Exchange and it seemed to be pretty useful. Does anyone have any advice? 

  • Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins USA, Florida Posts: 5subscriber Member

    Business without a money can be sounds slightly unfit. Rather, we should say, business with fewer involvement. That's so because even starting a website (for selling or promoting other's products) requires investment.

    And, if there is really a business that doesn't require any sort of investment, we will glad to hear about it.

  • TRoksanaTRoksana Posts: 2subscriber Member

    Hey. I think it can be possible when you are the professional in some niche and can sold your skills and after will take more orders and hire a workers. For example in marketing, I have more than 5 projects and hire one more marketer. After I can to increase orders. My investments are a computer, the internet and buying some programs for work.

  • MustafaMustafa DhakaPosts: 15subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Yeah, there are many businesses which don't require investment. If you have talent and marketing ideas, you can do businesses like commission agent, sales agent, marketing partner, affiliate marketer, various types of service related business like web designer, web developer, online ad publishers, etc. I have some articles about earning money online, affiliate marketing, niche, etc. You can read my articles at

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    Logically, there is no business without money. Money is unarguably the basic start up for any business to exist and thrive BUT we can thoughtfully grow our businesses without injecting more money if only we purchase or lease bank instruments like Bank Guarantees, Standby Letter of Credit, bank drafts, e.t.c.

    This way, we attract manufactures, distributors, partners and even investors who collect these instruments as collateral to grow or fund our business while they trade on private placement programs to become a win win situation.

    Note: finding an SBLC/BG provider might be a little tedious therefore, I'd advise a company in Singapore I obtained a bank guarantee from named Bestford Capital.

    Information is more expensive than money.


    Happy New Year

  • RichardParkerRichardParker Posts: 51subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Use services to generate flow and fund a product-based .

    Get creative. Funding sources are everywhere.

    Use current resources in new ways.

    Get a credit line.

    Use an Incubator.

    Find an Accelerator.


    Differentiate yourself.

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