Best Technique for webpage instant indexing in search engine

JesicaJesica IndiaPosts: 77subscriber Silver Level Member

Which are the Best Technique for web-page instant indexing in search engine, please share your view ?


  • Ross-lewRoss-lew Posts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member

    According to, the best way to improve web page indexing (apart from having great and up-to-date content) is generating links from trusted pages and placing a great focus to social media.

  • LoudermeLouderme SwitzerlandPosts: 1subscriber Member

    use for some Tips for Increase Instant Indexing web-page :-

    1) First you add your URL at Website sitemap

    2) Second open Google webmaster

    3) then click left site tool - URL Inspection

    4) please paste URL for instant indexing

    5) Request Indexing request for Google.

    6) after some minutes or hours Google Crawl your URL.

  • laughslaughs Posts: 12subscriber Bronze Level Member

    I'd say high quality backlinks. Give it a week or two (I know this is not instant), and if it doesn't work, try the Google Search Console method described in the previous post.

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