Using Meebo for Free Live Chat

eventbrandereventbrander subscriber Posts: 6
I thought this would be useful to anyone who wanted to avoid fees on a Live Chat tool.
Using Meebo you can create a fee live chat customer service tool for your own website.
Check out my blog post for more details.


  • lanygalanyga subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks - I came here looking for an discussion about an online chat solution and this is just what I`m looking for.  In your blog, you mention you integrated an on/off switch.  Can you point me to help on how to do that?  I looked in the meebo docs and didn`t have any luck.  Thanks again.
  • eventbrandereventbrander subscriber Posts: 6
    To create a simple "on/off" switch you`ll need some css and programming knowledge.
    Essentially what we did was create a toggle in our cms where the "Live Chat" text would appear on the front end if it`s set to on. It would not appear if set to off.
    We used php code "if, then" statement. If you have a programmer already this should be very easy for them. If you don`t, find someone on or to install it for you.
    Hope this helps.
  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks for sharing - I had no idea..........
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