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The ROI of digital marketing

ideasunlimited1ideasunlimited1 subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
So, within our company we've been having this ongoing conversation about social media and digital marketing. Currently, we use FB primarily, and a lot of our recruitment is done via Upwork or Indeed (we use other tools of course, these are just the primary messaging vehicles). I've brought up on occasions that we should expand to Instagram and doing videos to target younger candidates/clients, because they may be more receptive to remote work, and Indeed already targets an older talent pool. Right now we are at a place of exploring options with the best ROI. So in your experience, what were the digital marketing options you engaged in with the highest amount of ROI, and do you have any tools for measuring ROI? I think maybe having some sets of fresh eyes could help take us to that next level of expansion.

Also, would you advise having someone implement digital marketing out of house, or is there power in the comfort in being able to control your brand? It just seems like there is a huge generational obstacle within our workplace and also a cultural one, and it is hard to meet in the middle and agree as to what ways are most effective, since they also have their perceived way of doing things.


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