Can I make money with my 3D Designing skills?

denise hiltondenise hilton subscriber Posts: 19 Bronze Level Member
I've heard about freelance platforms like Upwork that have jobs for technical skills. But i need to find a platform that hires 3D designers specifically. Do you guys know of any such community?


  • TravelSchoolTravelSchool Hawaiisubscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    A lot. Unlimited.

    I will share a mult-figure idea with you:

    You can turn your hobby and skills into highly successful online business, providing value and actually teaching people how to do 3D design :)

    You can teach techniques, skills and even recommend software products through affiliate marketing (That's the best, because you don't sell, you recommend ;)

    You can record a step-by-step course and automate the process.

    You can build a funnel which looks like this :

    1. Lead magnet - Provide free training or some kind of value for email
    2. Webinar register - show people in 1h online class new techniques or skills
    3. Offer your course at the end of the webinar
    4. Inside the course set-up multiple streams of income (promoting many tools)
    5. Build your community,

    I guarantee you that people will go for your course instead of paying thousands for expensive design school.

    Let me know if you need help, I can guide you how to structure something powerful :)

    I also attach a pdf guide book so you can get some more ideas.

    Hope you got value.

    ~ Emilian

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