Anyone else made the transition from office to fully remote?

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We're a SaaS based startup and the transition for us has been relatively smooth because the only things we need are computers and an internet connection. It's made things a lot easier for our team who are based in very disparate locations and when we had an office most of us were in headphones (typical devs) anyway?

I reckon that for software developers going remote is probably a no brainer and not very difficult but what have the challenges been for you specifically especially if you're not a company that is in the tech space?

A huge benefit to going remote is giving our team members blocks of quiet time where they're uninterrupted and they can get work done, no other guy in the office in the phone, clients visiting that sort of stuff which is super useful for product development, I wrote a post about it here you can check out:

The only real cons are potential isolation but we deal with that with things like slack and hangouts to keep everyone up to date and making sure we meet in person a few times a year too.
Less work and more sales, check out:
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