Starting a new blog, any feedback appreciated!

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I recently launched a new blog: iPhoneized. It`s a resource for web designers that want to optimize their sites for the 30M+ Apple mobile devices. I launched it on March 12. It is now April  12th. I think I may have found a good niche, since I`ve already had some decent traffic. 6,305 uniques, 11,098 pageviews, first page of Google search results for several search phrases.
I`d like some feedback from any of you professional bloggers out there! I would like to monetize (obviously) but don`t want to litter my site with ads. I added an Amazon widget to the sidebar, we`ll see how that works out. I have some other ideas but would like to know if anyone has had any luck monetizing blogs in the startupnation community. Constructive criticism is also encouraged.
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    Thanks Biziness, I gave a lot of thought to the domain name. I researched and found that if Apple were to go after anyone with iPhone in the DN, they`d probably be shooting themselves in the foot as there are so many and they are all pro-iPhone. So long as I don`t do anything malicious or anti-Apple I think I`m safe.
    Glad you find the site useful. There`s not a lot of content out there (it`s a new market) so research takes some time. If you have any feedback on the site I`d really like to hear it. I`m looking for honest opinions from this group specifically.
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