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MBA student saying hello!

DanSeriDanSeri subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hello everyone! My name is Dan, I'm mexican and currently an MBA student. In 2012 I began an entrepreneurship project with two friends. We started a company dedicated to importing and selling furniture to wholesale and retail customers in all Mexico. After some years, the competition began to grow rapidly, and many businesses as ours began to appear everywhere in Mexico (specially in our local area), so we had to diversify. In late 2015 - early 2016 we began manufacturing our own furniture designs and business grew. We had a great 2017 (best year so far), 2018 was a little rough but we made it. Some decisions were made by my partners which I did not agree on, but accepted. Sadly, I believe some of those decisions brought us some troubles and business has not been the same as before. Our company is still alive and working, which is good, however, I decided it was time for me to begin a new journey.

I enrolled on an MBA program which began on january, and I'm now currently only working part time since I gave in some of my responsibilities so I could focus on school. I have talked to my partners about my intentions of gradually giving in my responsibilities so I can focus on my own projects.

Thanks to the MBA program, I have been creating a business plan which I want to take into action asap! I'm a bachelor in international business and trader by nature, and my professional goal has always been to EXPORT!

So far I have already a catalogue with 11 different mexican quality products I want to sell around the globe. I have a good product selection, I'm familiarized with international trade and I'm realy eager to make this work. I have almost everything ... except buyers!

I have now come to this and a few other forums looking for potential partners / customers. I'm capable of sending goods to anywhere in the world! So, by all means, if anyone is interested or know someone who is in the wholesale line of business, I'd love to chat and see if we can start a simple (yet profitable) trading business!

I hope I can get support from this community, and I want to let you know I can offer my experience and knowledge for those interested!

Thank you all for reading.



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