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MichealMicheal Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
Hi guys, 
Thinking about starting a logistic business. Dealing exclusively in delivering services for eCommerce business.  I need you response thanks. 


  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 118subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi Micheal,

    Can you provide more information? How exactly will you run a 3PL company?

    Some common questions to ask yourself are:
    1) What is your specialty? in a special region, or transport mode?
    2) Technology - tracking each carrier, and identifying problems in the delivering process (no one wants surprise)
    3) What prices are you charging?
    4) Who are your competitors?
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    Logistics companies invest in automation to increase efficiency, speed, and optimization & timing of the services, thus increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. From a range of rapid high-tech evolutions and in a progressively digital environment where automation is affecting the entire industry, most of the board members of transport & logistics companies appreciate IoT solutions as key areas of investment.
  • Justin evansJustin evans Posts: 69subscriber Bronze Level Member
    A lot of developing countries are also moving forward at a rapid pace with the help of advancements in the tech sector., especially in the eCommerce space, which is targeting the well-established sector of logistics and transportation startups. The increase in retail businesses and the continuous demands of the customers have led to the rapid progress of the logistics sector.

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