What do you think will be the next trend in marketing in 2019?

Sofia KazmiSofia Kazmi Posts: 20subscriber Bronze Level Member
What new can we try out which can bring in more leads?


  • GrowWithMarketingGrowWithMarketing Posts: 1subscriber Member
    Prospect Engagement can be the only way to bring in more leads. To convert any of your prospects into customers, there should be continuous engagement with them giving them more and more quality information about you, so that you always stay in your customers mind and they will atmost get back to you whenever they have a requirement.

    There are very smart ways of prospect engagement. "GrowWithMarketing" provides you all the strategies that would help you with quality lead generation via its twin offerings "Leads-in-a-Box" and "Marketing-in-a-box". 

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  • NaveenKumarVikramNaveenKumarVikram Posts: 5subscriber Member
    Sofia to bring in more leads for your business then you have to invest in SEO only then you can get quality leads for your business.
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