Do I need to send a letter of decline?

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I was offered a position two weeks ago to work for a foreign marriage agency. I made a decision recently that I won’t push through with the job. Should I send them an official letter declining the job offer or do I just miss my first day of work? They’ve been sending me emails reminding me to process this and that for the requirements but I ignored them. I only have a few days left before I start. How do you write a letter of decline? Help a friend here, please.


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    Hi Jonna, I am familiar with your problem. This summer I was sent an invitation to a new job, but I changed my mind about leaving the old job and I needed to write a decline letter. I also did not know how to do it correctly and I began to look for information on the Internet. I found a website where you can order writing an essay, term papers and so on. They helped me with writing a decline letter. Now I know how to write such letters correctly.
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    For formality you need to send a letter for them to know also that your are not interested in the offer that they've given you. You can search in google for sample of it.
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    I think you should write such a letter. This can give others a chance to find a job. Now many are faced with the fact that there are no vacancies

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    Got called back for a job interview today!! Hope they will take me because my resume speaks for itself and besides, i am getting ready with tell me about yourself.

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    They should know if you are interested in their offer or not, so it is important to write such a letter. If you do not know how, you can search for a sample on the Internet.

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