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...and it`s called the insatiable desire for entrepreneurship. I am 22, been self-employed in some way since I turned 18. Did real estate for a few years, did very well, but got burned out since my problem is my desire to grow fast. I took on listing and selling bank repos, cleaning them out for the banks, fixing them up for the banks, rental properties, fixer-uppers, and dealing with foreclosures. It all kind of "imploded" on me in Dec. of last year. I stopped doing real estate all together to take a breather. I took over a small shirt shop in March, and it`s going OKAY although I`m making 1/3 to 1/2 what I have the last two years. I am ready to do something larger scaled similar to real estate again. My credit is now very bad due to my "implosion".
I am trying to decide where to start next. A business making only $2k/$3k a month doesn`t interest me.. and that seems to be the t-shirt business. Expansion is possible but I still see it being pretty limited in income.
My specialty is sales. I am good at getting things sold. What I hadn`t learned before(due to inexperience) was the need for help and delegation. There are only 24 hours in the day, so either you have to pass on some income/jobs or get help.
Any ideas on a business that has exponential growth potential, but can be started on a smaller scale with a strong sales skill, and a large "circle of influence" or group of people associated with my friends and family.


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    I am thinking of doing something real estate related. I loved the part of getting real estate listings, or doing the marketing related to the real estate listings. I also have some contacts still that are real estate agents that I trust well. Doing something such as marketing for the agent either for pay or for a fee if the house sells. Something along the lines of those online internet companies that get a cut from agents just for referring leads to them.
    I am able to sort through all housing records for our county looking for people that have lived in a house for X amount of years, or looking for homes where the mailing address is different than the housing address, therefore giving me a good database of people "ripe to move" and people whom are landlords that might be "disgruntled" with their rental properties. I like that kind of "knowledge based" business rather than hard retail items.
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