What is the best way to get funding for your start-up or idea?

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I want to look for additional platforms that can help me fund my start-up? We are at a fairly early stage of our business at the moment and have received an initial round of funding. We have currently had a lot of success from WorldLabs (www.worldlabs.org) and Innovate UK (www.gov.uk/government/organisations/innovate-uk), but want to start to explore additional channels for funding. Does anyone know any other platforms that can be beneficial?


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    @Rebecca James have you looked into alternative funding, such as crowdsourcing? Kickstarter or indiegogo may be good places to start. 
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    We got an experience. We took an idea of customer to start his dropshiping e-commerce and brand. 
    In two weeks we made a identity and project visual concept. He went to the bank and took a credit in several dozens of euro. In a few months project successfully launched and working till this days.
    Thats a great example with own pluses and minuses but it works.
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    If you really have a practical, profitable idea for a business, use Kickstarter. It is easy to set up and there are a lot of people active on the platform to help people like you. 
    I wish you all success. 
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    maybe family or friends...If not, then maybe going to networking events in your business industry to find a angel investor?
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    I think, you have good friend, that can help you, but if you want to more money and your friends can't help you. You can take part in the business conference and find new friends who will be interested in your idea. The main thing is to properly present information about your project.
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    When it comes to growing outside money, most people consider venture capital or angel investors. Look towards government grants as well. One of the most unbelievable trends of the last few decades has been the decreasing cost to start a business.
    You can read this article about  How to Raise Funding for Your Startup: mobinspire.com/blogs/how-to-raise-funding-for-your-startup/
    A multitude of factors is responsible for making it successful. Early stage investors and experienced founders can lead a business towards success, and reduce operational risks by proper planning of the project.

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    I have found that the book "Lost and Founder" by Rand Fishkin was an excellent source on what to look for in venture capitalists.
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    1. Find the investors for your business in your locality.
    2. You can get the money from equity.
    3. Talk to your parents/friends to give money for your business.
    4. Try get money from government organisation and search for government scheme for startups.
    5. Sold your old stuff and useless thing to get money.
    6. Break your bonds and fd’s and you can also use your property to get instant money.
    7. Start a fund raise campaign on internet.

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    TO start off, u need to have a business plan, most of all u need to figure out is it sustainable or not.

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    There are many platforms from where you get funding. If you have a good business idea that can flourish then you can take help from funders such as kickstarter, etc. Or you can make a business partner who can invest in your business and take some of the shares. It can also help in contribution of the future products and ideas that can grow your business.

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    Hello. You can will find very good idea about start-up in other enterpenur

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    Never forget, if you are in the US, the SBIR program with grants of over $1 million for innovative startups. I've been an evaluator for years of such programs and it's the best seed capital any company can get to scale up and overcome the "chasm".

    If you are interested, please let me know. I have further material and there is also a grant in some states to cover the consulting costs to prepare the application!



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    Crowdfunding is still a valid way to get money for the start

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