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roxannemorrisroxannemorris Posts: 50subscriber Bronze Level Member
How can I create good online shop? I want to have attractive website. Should I hire a web studio?


  • jjackevansjjackevans Posts: 44subscriber Bronze Level Member
    You can also hire some web dev on freelance. It will be more cheaper.
  • PulsarrPulsarr USAPosts: 73subscriber Bronze Level Member
    You can also save money by using premium ready-made theme. Usually it requires only some small changes. For example I have bike shop and I created website for it with such template(link). As you can see design is great, there are many good templates on this website. You can find suitable one for website for any niche. Good luck!
  • Maurice "Mo" FawcettMaurice "Mo" Fawcett British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 3subscriber Member
    edited June 2018
    Shopify is a user-friendly platform with plenty of good themes, free or paid (Premium). It depends on how confident you are with technology and website design though. If you are not that confident you should hire a freelancer or company to develop an e-commerce website for you.

    I develop Shopify sites for clients if that is something that you would be interested in. But you can certainly do it yourself if you're willing to put the time and effort into it.
  • FrancodiazFrancodiaz Posts: 2subscriber Member
    How can I create good online shop? I want to have attractive website. Should I hire a web studio?
    Hey there, we offer e-commerce websites for only a one-time fee of $1200 (no monthly or yearly payment, the website will be yours lifetime) + I will give you 1 year free hosting.

    For only $1200, you'll get a quality website complete with the following features:

    > Fully custom-designed website
    > with custom-designed online forms
    > Online Form Database
    > Wordpress CMS (Content Mgt. System)
    > Mobile Resposive
    > Free Logo Design
    > Free Copywriting
    > Royalty-free Photos
    > Multi-cultural Photos
    > Submission of keywords
    > Free Google Analytic Setup
    > Visitor's Counted Tab
    > Language Translator Tab
    > Linking of Social Networking Sites
    > Animation
    > Video Upload
    > Royalty-free Music Background
    > Testimonial Page
    > Download Brochure Link / Flyer Link
    > Lifetime Warranty
    > shopping cart and payment gateway
    > inital uploading of 20 products

    Contact me at [email protected] so that we can discuss further with your specifications. Have a blessed day!
  • LogicJoshLogicJosh Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Do it yourself! You'll learn a lot from it. Just find tutorials online and work off of it.
  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 118subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi, try open source CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. You can find or use free modules, plugins and theme easily. If you can't find a module or the theme you like, you can always hire a freelancer to develop it and fill out the 'gap'. It will be much cheaper that way as compared to develop the website from scratch.
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  • TeCoTeCo GlobalPosts: 7subscriber Member
    How can I create good online shop? I want to have attractive website. Should I hire a web studio?
    WooCommerce - get a freelance developer who will be enthusiastic about your business and learn learn learn.
  • balashoffbalashoff Posts: 12subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I recommend you opencart open source cms for start 
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