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  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    You`re aggressive, that`s for sure.  There`s no wrong or right in our back and forth.  You have valid points and I have valid points.  I`ve jumped on...I`ve put up capital and begun the steps to being succesful.  I have a career that outweighs my entreprenuerial potential at this point...but without playing baseball, my credentials to drive this company change dramatically.  I think you have to think inside the box to get outside of the box here....believe me, I understand your thinking...my wife owns her own business and they did what you`re saying to do...but they HAD to do that, jump in...caution to the wind...all of that.  I also own a quarter of an indoor baseball facility and two real estate LLCs.  I`ve taken that step.  These are going to be estimated risks in showcaseUsport`s case...b/c if I don`t play these cards right, I will lose the majority of my credibility with the customer base.  So, I ride the fence until I have the demo in hand...then, I can attack aggresively, but precisely.
    Thanks again...not wrong, but NOT right.
    PS  This is fun...I do agree with you...but not from my company`s point of view
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    LOL, I think you have something many of us did not in the begining. A talent that gives you the resources to be involved with lots of great stuff. For you the goal is to leverage these talents.
    Don`t get me wrong I don`t put that down. I was a foster parent for many years and I had some kids who were very gifted althletes. I soon learned my biggest job was teaching them how hard they had to work that talent to bes the best they could be. One of my kids was so good he barely had to work to succeed. He compared himself to everyone else not realizing the talent in college would be something altogether different.
    For many people it is about paying the next car payment, or the next mortage. It paying the electric bill while putting off the gas bill. When you`ve felt that pain or you wonder if you can buy groceries you either forge through it, or you are crushed by it.
    Anytime I have piddled around it has been a dumb move, and I see my clients doing the same thing. The successful clients are the ones who go out there and just do it.
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    I think you have one idea in your head that is way off...WAY off.  I don`t "piddle" at anything.  When I make my mind up to do something, I go at it 100%.  I`m not saying I`m any smarter than you or anyone else, but I have a process that I think will work and work well.  If I don`t stick to the process with this company, it won`t work.  I won`t fail, that mindset is there....I`m backed into corners on a daily basis playing ball....and my family has struggled to pay bills before, so I`m aware of the stresses that causes.  The skills I`ve developed will function very well as a business owner and operator.
    As far as the skills needed for playing baseball at the highest level?  There are thousands of kids out there with the talent to play big league baseball.  Then, there are thousands more with the work ethic and mental aptitude to play at the big league level.  I`ve watched, over an eleven year career, too many more talented players retire or get pushed out of the game because they just couldn`t handle the whole thing.  Do you see the similarities?  As an entrepreneur, you have to have multiple qualities and abilities that you work at daily that will mesh to create your desired results.  Competing against the best players or businessmen out there is and will continue to be a great challenge....PIDDLING?  Nah, I`ll piddle with fishing or golf....I won`t piddle with my life.
    I am getting older...the younger players I play with think they`re invincible and their talent shines so bright they can`t even see the brick walls they`re headed toward.  You can talk to them until you`re blue in the face, but they must succeed and fail on their own.  I failed on my own...but I`m a better player, husband, friend and businessman because of my failures rather than my successes.
    Thanks again for the back and forth...I think we both have a lot in common in that we want to help others "fly" and become something great.  You DO have to put it out there...and just go for it.  If I sat back and didn`t push this great idea my buddy came up with....It`d be a shame.
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    Oddly enough I have to agree with you. I think it is all process. Find one that works then do it and more importantly stick to it.
    I think as we get older we often forget that youth does mean being invincible. LOL, where would society be if those who came after us did not know they could conquer the world? Probably still driving hanging out in the cave with our Barney Rubble suits on.
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