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Video on website...best advice

cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
We`re going to be providing video clips from professional and amateur levels on our website to compliment the content provided.
Are there any suggestions as to plug-ins, formats?  I plan to include a tool for conversion to .wmv(s) and/or mp4s so that eventually the clips could be downloaded to a media player.  Any ideas?


  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi cdurbinrhp
    This is something at this stage I have not yet done myself,  but I have networking friends who have.
    Both David Newton & Rod Moore have done this.
    Both are members of Adlandpro and Ryze communities.
    I will be catching up with them over the coming weks so I may be able to find out for you.
    Or if you are a member of the above communities you could do a search and contact them.
    Also at the Video and Audio training at Power Ads Page and Free Affiliate Training (The Second Tier) they give some advice on this.
    See links at http://www.aselectchoice.com.au/Gm/toolstwo.html</A>
    cdurbinrhp hope this helps.
    regards Michael Clayton (rexiedexie)
  • postcarderpostcarder subscriber Posts: 1
    When I`m doing this kind of work for design clients, I recommend that the video be in the Flash format. Reason: Flash is already installed on more than 90% of all computers, so it could be considered the "universal player."
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am with host click. Flash is also okay, just please, please do not use it on the home page. No "Skip Intro" stuff.
    I do not recommend a lot of video. It tends to slow down the experience. With our sites we can measure time spent on the site. As I tell my clients, you`ve got 30 seconds to make your point, so let`s make it as best and as fast as we can.
    Can you tell us what your site is?
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    An interactive amateur recruiting website....think myspace for amateur sports.  Social networking to engage the recruit with the recruiter.
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    Oh, by the way, THANK YOU very much for all of your advice and insights.  I don`t plan for an intro...users will have the option to use an introductory device.  Video will be displayed on every individual profile, if not immediately, eventually....highlight reels, interviews and 5-15 second advertising spots chosen by the owner of that individual profile.  Bringing the customer as close to controlling all content on their page as we can is a focus.  Other than the content validated by our company through an evaluation process, the sites content will be chosen by the user.
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m sorry I was asking for the URL (web address). My thinking was you would get more effective feedback if we could see the actual site.
    Plus gives you free links and attention.
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    we have an offline demo right now, with a launch date toward the end of 2006.  The demo will provide a ton of feedback.  Our team is ironing out the final aspects of web design and hoping to make the launch as smooth as possible.
    www.showcaseUsports.com</A> (Dec. launch)
  • FreshYieldsFreshYields subscriber Posts: 0
    cdurbinrhp,I actually worked for one of the first companies to try this online back in 1996 or so.  Things were going ok for a while, but then fell apart.  We did alot of leg work at the beginning to get kids signed up, but after a few years things just didn`t work out.  I`d be happy to talk about my experiences through email if you want.Thanks,Steve
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I`d  do what you can to get feedback from your target audience before taking it live. You may find it saves lots of reworking and expense.
    Why so long to pull it together?
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    My partner had some extenuating circumstances at work....new job, more flexible now.  I`ve remained extremely busy during the year as well.  This is the way of the entreprenuer
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    No, this is the way of big companies and goverment.  Why do you think entrepreneurs beat big business? We are there.
    I just resdesigned a website for an 300 member chamber of commerce...Let`s see 24 hour turnaround equaled wildy happy client and client`s members, too.....What are you waiting for? Time to make the donuts!
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    Great thread post!!  That was fun to read.  I`m currently in a GREAT position in my job (professonal athlete) and my partner is in the perfect situation as the head of marketing at local college.  This will take off, but realistically, we can`t jump in 100% until streams of revenue begin to move forward.  I`m weeks away from my offseason...once the offseason is here for me...I have as much time as anyone does for their company.  You`ll be making donuts...I`ll be selling them through my site!!  All joking aside, I think you`re right...to an extent.
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am entirely right. I cannot tell you how many clients I have who are the best at what they do. The problem is they procrastinate and waste time.
    It is nice to be on the bench but if you really want to play, you`d better do the work to have some game..
    It`s okay if you don`t play because the other guy will and you can`t start at 40....
  • cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    You`re a mess!! 
    One of the worst traits I can think of in another human being is their idea of themselves being entirely right.  I told you, you have good points and you`re right in some areas of your thought process...but you`re definitely not 100% right.  Leave yourself some room to grow inside of your rightful thinking.
    Thanks Coach, for the pep talk...but realistically, most entreprenuers don`t jump right in...they make it happen while they work other jobs until the time is right.  We don`t procrastinate, persay, we work our regular jobs and take extra hours out of our days to drive this business on the side.  I think your situation may be unique because you can jump write in. 
    You make me laugh, thanks for the posts.
  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    DING, wrong answer, again!Enterpreneurs are the people who do the unexpected, jump on the train before it is safe. Seize the day....
    Now let`s test this out...."We had problems, my partner this, my wife that, the dog across the street the other thing." All excuses and none up them put dollars in your pocket.
    I equally enjoy being wrong because when I am wrong I do my best learning and innovating. I figure if I have to run into a brick wall, I may as well take my best shot at knocking it down.
    In this particular matter your perspective is wildly off course. The little guy is is the one who gets out there and just does it.
    Jump into life, you only live once....It does make all the difference. (And the secret is it really is a lot of fun.)
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