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How To Be Successful In Business - (PLEASE add your own tips in the comments section)

ptruesptrues subscriber Posts: 7 Member
Both new graduates and experienced professionals are looking to be successful in their day to day jobs.
Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you all, that I have used in my own career. 

1) Take on new challenges.  Always be looking for ways to make yourself more marketable.  This means getting certifications, volunteering for new projects, and expanding your current education level.  Yes, it's more work.  But you will be investing in your own human capital.

2)  Communicate using the right medium.  Some conversations are best had face to face or over the phone.  Whereas, an email will suffice for others.  As a general tip, any conversation that has any form of emotion, should be had face to face or over the phone if distance doesn't allow a face to face.

3)  Be understood when you do communicate.  There is nothing worse talking with someone that sucks at talking.  They mumble, they trail off, they just flat out don't make sense.  Speak clearly and concisely.  And listen when others are talking. 

4)  Do not participate in office gossip.  It is soooo tempting to join in on saying negative things about other co-workers.  Don't do it.  It always comes back around.

5)  Do things to make people actually feel good.  Don't always be that no it all that always talks about himself/herself.  As other people about their lives and remember what they tell you.

6) Think for yourself.  Stop and think if assumptions are correct, and if what people are telling you is accurate.  Don't just take their word for it.

7)  Actually take a moment to ponder a problem.  Don't just operate on autopilot.

8)  Truly listen to others and take their ideas into serious consideration.  This requires you to have professional respect for the individual.  If you don't, then gain it.

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