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Startup Owners: Take Two Seconds To Help Me Out!

DrewcerDrewcer subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hey Small Business Owners: I'm starting a new community for SBOs focused on growing your profits - and if you help me out, I’ll give you a gift.

(I posted about this 3 months ago, but postponed starting this new community until the second quarter of 2018 as I had a family emergency and a few other urgent things to tend to).

So here's the story.

For years I've been a highly paid marketing consultant and strategist (my fees start at five figures).

The marketing strategies I've designed and implemented have doubled and quadrupled my clients' businesses in short amounts of time.

My strategies have grown businesses with no profits to past the six figure range, taken businesses from six figures to seven, and grown million dollar businesses as well.

My systems have also helped struggling businesses get out of the red and start thriving.

At this point my private consulting fees have exceeded what a good portion of small businesses can afford... But small business owners still frequently ask me for help, and it pains me to turn them away.

So, long story short, I'm developing a program to help strengthen small businesses using the tools and strategies companies pay me thousands of dollars per month for, even if you can't afford my fees:

I'm starting an online community of business owners just like you filled with all kinds of trainings that will help you grow, along with coaching/advising calls, and a discussion community.

So, two things:


You will MASSIVELY help me get this off the ground if you answer this one question:

What is your #1 BIGGEST problem related to growing your business and your profits?

It can be in marketing, sales, or anything else.


If enough people comment on this thread telling me their biggest problems, I’ll host a LIVE webinar you’ll attend, where I’ll go through your questions and give you feedback for free. People normally pay me over $1500 to do this.

Wherever you are, it can help you generate more revenue and net profits to get GROWING, and to get you one step closer to the income and life you set out for.

If you want, I’ll even unmute you and bring you on live so we can do a 1-on-1 hotseat-style consult live on the air.

I will NOT be selling anything on this webinar. I don’t have anything to sell you at this point.

The reason I’m doing this is to get market data from you and further drill down into the major problems this community is experiencing - so we can tailor the content appropriately, and gain further insight into your biggest difficulties.

So please comment below and let me know your #1 BIGGEST problem!

If enough people. comment on this thread, I’ll be posting a link for you to sign up to the webinar in a comment at the bottom.



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