How do we make the revenue stream fit the purpose? - idea-storming

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Dear community,
This is the first time reaching out to the community, so I hope this isn't completely out of place.

As a company we are trying to break through from idea to actual business.

The idea is to provide a price-comparison solution similar to for instance SkyScanner, however specific for groceries.

In essence the consumer creates their shopping list with their preferred items, the virtual shopping assistant then search the on-line grocery retailers sites to provide a list of where the total price will be cheapest. The consumer will then select the preferred retailer and be directed to the retailers site for payment and final order placement.

The revenue stream was intended to be a fixed fee for each purchase executed/converted for the retailer.
However, currently the retailers don't see this as an interesting solution as they would have to provide both data and images on top of the fixed fee they would have to pay for each conversion.

We realize that we would need to invest heavily in marketing in order to show that we can compliment the retailers marketing budget. However, we would probably also need to add some capabilities that would out-compete the retailers site.

One idea we are currently juggling, is to run the solution as a chat robot.

Any ideas and experiences are very welcome so we can get our heads around how we present a value-adding solution to both consumers and retailers.

Feel free to challenge our business model.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness Birmingham, Mich. Posts: 935administrator Site Admin
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    Hello, @Johan, that's an interesting concept. 

    But I understand why the retailers may have some reservations about that as it could get time-consuming to provide all of that information. With that said, chat bots are probably a decent solution, but chat bots aren't always as reliable since they won't be able to answer every single question. 

    Are you looking to create a retailer/vendor admin or app where these stores can easily update things like photos, prices and new products? If you have a ready-to-go system where you're taking most of the burden off of the retailers, it may make it easier. 
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  • JohanJohan Posts: 2subscriber Member
    We were planning to set up an API solution for the data transfer/update to create as little work for the retailers as possible. However, a retailer admin might actually be easier for them a give them more ownership and control, instead of a daily/weekly batch upload.
  • LogicJoshLogicJosh Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    ChatBot could be interesting, but I'd say to do your research about it, a lot. Not only about ChatBot but about other options and see what appeals to people more. Don't jump into something without knowing if there's a better solution.
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