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Is Passion Really Necessary?

yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
edited January 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
This morning I heard a theory about the whole passion thing.Some say you should start a business about which you feel passionate but at the same time passion could get in the way of making money.For example, say you`re passionate about beef steak and the world is just turning away from red meat. Everyone wants fish but you`re not passionate about fish. You get excited at the thought of serving people a big fat juicy steak. You start to go buss. Then what should you do? Your passion may get in the way of logic and encourage you to stick it out.Then you would have to ask yourself, am I in business to prove a point or to make money? Am I in business to prove that there will always be a market albeit small for beef steak or should I just start selling fish and make more money.Interested in your views,Aleem


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    MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    I think you have to be able to roll with the times.  Just like the bakeries did during the low-carb era.  Offer trendy items but stick with your core competancy.  Passion and a connection to your target market gives a person a leg up on the competition.
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    ethosethos subscriber Posts: 1
    I think that having passion doesn`t necessarily mean that someone is out of touch with the realities of their market.  You can be passionate about beef, to use your example, and yet realize that a lot of people see it as a health threat.  You can abandon that product and move on to fish, OR you can find ways to make beef healthier, or show consumers ways in which beef can be good for them, or segment your market better to target customers who don`t care so much about health and just love beef.  Passion can make you more creative so that you can keep doing what you want to be doing.
    I think passion can get you through the tough times.  That`s why I think people say that passion is necessary.
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    MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Interesting, that is not how I have come to understand it.  I look at the final product only.  I could never get passionate about windows, pens or computers.  But give me airplanes, wine or heirloom tomatoes and I`m "all in".
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    EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    (DITTO)I think that the passion is just something that helps thin out, thick rough days while in business. It is easy for me to believe in my writing more than anything else. And while there are plenty of things that I could be doing, writing is the only thing that I do when I am upset, happy, sad, making no money, making some money or what have you. I do hear that most businesses don`t (or won`t) turn a profit for the first year or two (of course I am talking about general businesses.....not those hot plate, fire breathing, money-making ones). Passion sustains belief that there will be a profit. Without it, you are toiling away at something that makes you feel like this, for years that may end up making you feel like this if profits end up sucking. Now if it is something that you are passionate about, you will do this and feel like this but you will take a stab at it again gladly..
    Ellay West Concepts (Commercial Writing And Creative Services)Ellay2007-2-4 20:53:38
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    RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
    I do believe that you have to have passion for what you are doing because there are always going to be parts that you aren`t going to enjoy.  I have watched the number of hours it takes to build a business into a huge success.  You don`t put in a 40 hour work week and take 5 weeks vacations from day one.  If you are looking to build something large, you live, eat and breathe your business for years.  If you are indifferent to the product/service and all the rest, then you aren`t going to be too enthusiastic to continue putting in those hours.  
    I would never be hired as a sales rep for any company (mostly because that`s not my dream job)  But I can sell the h*ll out of my own product because I love it.  Now there are people who can sell ice to an eskimo - they probably could be in any business just because that`s their passion - sales.  I just think that every successful entrepreneur has a spark, a passion for some element of the business they are in.  
    I know from a design perspective that the best designs are the ones that you are passionate about.    My toy designs rocked, my car design - interesting but Ford would never hire me.  I`m babbling here but I know from my personal experience that I feel like I`m living in an amazing dream that I never thought would come true.  I think that`s what being an entrepreneur is all about - living the dream!RCTOYS2007-4-1 22:35:11
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    Enthusiasm towards the product. Passion on your "why".
    These two reasons are important for myself with my home based business. Energy, time and investing money into the business is where we can get a successful level. The level that "You" would like to be or to the point.
    Always looking for opportunities and people interested in my business requires a passion and enthusiasm.
    Your restrictions can not slow you down...yet keep you motivated and continue your understanding of your "why".
    you definately want your customer to "know you" "like you" and "want to buy from you" these are key points. I especially like these points when it comes to my home based business.
    I invite you to put your name into the FREE drawing for a 16 oz candle and look around at my website! here is my website:
    visit my personal website at www.candlemoney4mom.com</A>
    Reading and listening to your leaders with conference calls are key and encouraging the passion for every week. I personally enjoy and get many things from my leaders conference calls!
    Who do you know that has passion in their home based business?

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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    great topic.for my brother`s and my opinion on this, check out a recent blog entry that talks about what we believe is the most important attribute of all for an entrepreneur.rich
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    RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
    Rich - I think you are right with Initiative!  Really when it comes down to it - Entrepreneurs need to have many attributes for all the different hats they wear.   Passion, enthusiasm, initiative, thick-skin and the ability to learn on the fly.   But I really think that true entrepreneurs have that fire in their blood. 
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    On a positive note.......
    I was just reading something about becoming an Entreprenuer....this is all for those who don`t think they have this in their blood.....it is possible to become an Entreprenuer!  This takes much work, reading and understanding than normal Entreprenuers.....although  to be anything that is in this particular area of business mind you still have to have the passion.. It is a challenge for those who don`t have it in the blood.

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    RennyRenny subscriber Posts: 0
    Theresa I agree. Born in our "blood" - No one is born an entreprenuer, these are learned skills. Now some of us may have learned young from parents, a mentor, early childhood experiences, etc. These skill sets can be learned by anyone...if they are willing to listen and take notice...that may be a different post all together.
    Great topic!
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    JariJari subscriber Posts: 0
    If not passion for a cause, then I would think a "drive" is necessary.  As individuals, we all have different things that drive us... in life, in business, love and relationships, etc.  Drive does somehow turn into motivation.  We all have different reasons for why we have our goals, why we want to do what we want to do.  If speaking of a product, then sales have to go with the flow and the times.  Times change, people change and products (even markets) will change.  I do believe that a person should believe in what they are selling.  Would think a seller would know more about the product and be more believable to buyers if they used the product themselves. It is a key item to figure out (on an individual basis) what drives "you".  Passion means you really care, but hopefully not with your head in the clouds.  And, flexibility is important in life all the way around!  In your own business, so much of YOU is in the project that a person is driven with so much of their being. Maybe it isn`t just about making money, or big money.  Maybe it is about caring and doing.Jari2007-4-21 20:23:59
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    mompreneurmompreneur subscriber Posts: 1
    All of these words - passion, drive, will, etc etc have different meanings to everyone so it`s really in your personal interpretation of what these words mean.  We are all born with distinct personalities.  I see children at 2 years old that have a stronger constitution than any adult I know....now it`s what happens between 2 and 20 that can either encourage that strength and determination or knock it down.   The environment we are brought up in has a lot to do with the direction we take as an adult but there`s always the child who was brought up against all odds and was still able to follow the dream....So whether it`s fear, terror, personality, drive, will or passion...it needs to be something that gets the adrenalin pumping!  The journey isn`t easy but it is fun if you are doing the right thing.
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    It is really important to have a believe system....believe in yourself!! Raising the belief in you and all areas on life are highly important! If we continue to learn and don`t let fear stop us, we become unstopable! It must exist in every opportunity!
    Relearning how to dream.....we drept big dreams in the begining and now as we get older we just say "some day", we then forget about the dreams that we had as a child.....pushed to the side....J.O.B.S happen and consume us.....
    Our self image becomes a condition within our personalities....to change we have to develop that mental picture of who and what you want! Make a dream board! Develop who you really are! Develop your "WHY"...Believe in yourself having it and don`t doubt it.....visualize it and it will happen!!
    Learning how to dream BIG again!! But believe in yourself, make them happen!
    Passion IS important to have but if you don`t have it in your mind, then how does the passion help?
    Decide what you want! Learn what you need to learn! Get the training to help develop the skills!
    KNOW WHAT YOU DON`T want!! Try not to focus on these things! Listen to your negative emotions and pay close attention to where they bring you....
    This is a small amount of what I listen to with my candle conferences by phone! I would love to share this with you! Please go to my website and lets talk!
    theresa vogel

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    deltadelta subscriber Posts: 0
    I think passion is a necessity for all sorts of things so when you have a passion for something it`s not like that`s the only thing you have a passion for. You must have a passion for many other things as well. Isn`t passion just a really strong feeling or desire for something? So I have a passion for my home business, I have another type of passion for my kids, I even have another type of passion for my husband.Aren`t we all so multi-faceted that we can have passions for many things at one time? Yes, I think you need to have a passion for your business but that can be on many different levels of business, not just for your product necessarily.  Can you see where I am going with this?
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