How do you find other entrepreneurs to connect and network with?

Andre BrownAndre Brown Charlotte,NCsubscriber Posts: 55 Bronze Level Member
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I'm looking for like-minded individuals that I can converse and work together with.

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  • cdevoscdevos Winnipegsubscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    Your city or area's Chamber of Commerce events
    Local Meetups
    Industry events
    LinkedIn is great for connecting with entrepreneurs and maintaining the relationship after meeting.
    Have you heard of Alignable? Its sort of like LinkedIn but networking for sales and partnership opportunities rather than Careers-focused.

    Good luck!
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  • JJL2019JJL2019 subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Networking is one of the hardest things to do. I have spoken to several groups and have meet many "networking" professionals. But most of the time. It is finding people that you can trust with your flagship idea and have people add to it rather than take away from it. The best way for me is by meeting people face to face. Find some kind of event and go there. Talk with them. Find one person you get along with and then go from there. 
  • LifeRevivalUniverseLifeRevivalUniverse subscriber Posts: 76 Bronze Level Member

    I often create new contacts with entrepreneurs at business meetings and webinars. You can also use Social media as LinkedIn, for example.

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