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Do you like Telemarketers?



  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    I`ve really been pleased with the success of being on the "Do Not Call" registery - almost no telemarketing calls in the last few years since registering.  Also, when retailers ask for a phone number at the cash register these days I say "I`m sorry I don`t give my number out" or I`ll give them my fax number just to annoy potential future telemarketers that may be given the number.Our household has a rule:  We buy nothing sold over the phone or door-to-door.  (The only exception is items purchased by the neighborhood kids going door-to-door with school fundraising efforts.)  Sticking to that rule gives us a great immediate answering to unwanted sales efforts. - J.
  • BWFBWF subscriber Posts: 0
    When I started my business I was getting so many junk calls that I did`nt answer the phone which caused missed business
    So I registered with the do not list but the calls did`nt stop right away, so I surfed the web and found this site http://www.whocalled.us/list/</A> 
    This helps you report the ones that don`t follow the rules. I hope it`s helpful.
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