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What is your One Thing in Your Business?

I love reading success stories of other entrepreneurs. I find it fascinating what motivates individuals to start a business. I find that the most successful of these stick to their "one thing". That one thing that differentiates them from their competition or that one thing that makes them a dynamic leader. Others have written books on the topic - maybe you have read some. However, I want to know - what is your One Thing? What do you do really well that makes your business the greatest?


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    Shohrat ShankarShohrat Shankar subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    One thing that keeps me motivated is books!
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    Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    I like the phrase: You don't have motivation? Keep having your problems. 
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    Andre BrownAndre Brown subscriber Posts: 55 Bronze Level Member
    The one thing that I do is help powerful men physically perform better. It is very important to focus on the one thing you do best. Trying to appeal to everybody will make it a lot harder for you to be successful. Once you get good at your thing, you will be able to master it and help clients to the best of your ability.
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    RJWildeRJWilde subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    I would say the one thing is that I am not just ONE thing within my business--I'm flexible. I started off studying Media Arts (film), and I carried those skills into my Professional Writing diploma, and now, all those skills I use in my hobby as a blogger AND work as a freelance writer and full-time writer.

    My versatile education has made me a stronger contender on the business front! (In my humble opinion!)
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    RonisGeeRonisGee subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    edited October 2018
    The one thing in my business? Helping others see light at the end of the tunnel, one of my biggest joys. WHY? Because money is important and some of us work really hard for it, but at the end of the day, it is not all about money. Some people need to see that WINNING in life is doable, but they need mentorship, guidance, the direction from someone that has done what they're trying to accomplish. If that makes sense?
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    blantsimonettiblantsimonetti subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    I also like such stories) success stories of other people act as a motivation for me)
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