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Local Business Marketing

JesicaJesica subscriber Posts: 101 Silver Level Member
Which is the best way for Local Business Marketing, Online or Offline, Please share your view ?


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    Steffi DsouzaSteffi Dsouza subscriber Posts: 98 Silver Level Member
    We asked 40 experts in local business marketing to share their best experience, low-cost. And also asked to help to expand your brand online and learn the right way to blog and have a Enjoy the read and please spread the word about it. Finlay they Make review acquisition a part of both your online and offline marketing strategy.
    And he strongly preferred for Online marketing for better branding and promotion.
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    CarlbrewsterCarlbrewster subscriber Posts: 160 Silver Level Member
    For Online: Contact Local reputed bloggers & ask them to write a piece of content on their blog mentioning your business, Do the business listing on local listing websites, Modify your website meta as per your location, You can also run paid Ad words and Facebook campaigns targeting your local audience.

    For offline: Distribute pamphlets, Sponsors or organize a event, Take part in charity, give some discounts to your local audience, Take part in various events
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    Gregory101Gregory101 subscriber Posts: 51 Bronze Level Member
    No one can give any exact answer because they don’t know about your local business means which kind of local business you are running.

    Every successful business need to keep a clear and complete focus to full fill their customer need that customer are looking for what mostly and what audience highest demand.

    Advertise your business information like products, service, events and about an quality that till reach to the customer to access your business information easily. Try to make your own strategies which can give you the best and the biggest impact instantly.
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    sandraflacksandraflack subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    To market a local business - a brick and mortar business or online business - today ,using the internet as a vehicle, one absolutely needs a great online presence. Facebook fan pages are working for some (in lieu of a website) and allow for interaction with customers which may work well for a dentist, massage therapist or a photographer for example. Websites are much more powerful, though and are much more affordable then they were even 5 years ago. For a 'brick and mortar' business, being online allows many more people to learn about the business - as people do not have the time or will not take the time to go visit a business location to learn about what and/or the quality of what they offer. A business's online presence equates to what the yellow pages were years ago - and the ranking of it's site in online searches is crucial... which means it needs a well done SEO and should be optimized for mobile devices. - phones. I believe over 64% of searches are currently done on mobile devices and it is growing rapidly.

    Also, a schema is important. A schema is used to tell the search engines details about a business's website - this helps with ranking as well allowing people to easily and quickly read the details of your business when it shows up in their online searches. Using social media in conjunction with a website can be very fruitful too - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the big ones with others gaining more presence. The trick is to be consistent in posting and add value to current clients and potential customers.

    Having had a small business for nine years, I know it is a lot to tackle as a small business owner - a lot to learn and manage. One can hire someone to do part or all of it --Fiverr.com is affordable and has some good talent on it and their are independent marketers to hire. Also, there are tools to help if a business owner wishes to manage it themselves. Here is a link to one I use that can help a small business with their online marketing and more -- http://www.webfire.com/a/?id=34817&p=1. In short, local businesses need to have a optimized and well done online presence today to compete effectively and grow. Young people today do not even know what the 'yellow pages' are (yes, they are still around)! How can local businesses be found easily if they are not online and rank high in search engines?! - being found quickly and easily are the keys - people are busy today and have short attention spans - so just being found on the first page in the top three results is great marketing online - to start with!
    Hope this helps :)
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    Melvin JacobhMelvin Jacobh subscriber Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
    edited August 2017
    For online marketing instead of hiring some SEO agency you can outsource everything to a Virtual Assistant companies in India because they are experts and tailored to meet clients’ unique business needs, helping them achieve short-term and long-term objectives with complete transparency.
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    Alvin2013Alvin2013 subscriber Posts: 17 Member
    Each type has its different pros and cons. You can use both to test first, then choose which is best for you.
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    joshfleming024joshfleming024 subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    You can opt for a marketing agency for digital marketing such as:


    For offline you can look for:


    It is expensive at time but you can also opt for cost effective solutions such as going for a business portal yourself, some of them offer free leads as complementary. Listed below are some:

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    contentcouplecontentcouple subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    I say Google - SEO and Google Maps especially. You can combine promooting in both: links and general online presence (like good business directories, etc) will help your website to reach high positions in both.
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