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How do you manage cash flow? (short survey)

Matej Z.Matej Z. Posts: 1subscriber Member
Hello guys,

I am a part of a small team currently working on an online cash flow management app. We want it to be awesome, so we are looking for people who would spend cca 7 minutes by completing a quick survey and provide us with some vital information about their cash flow management experience.

Anyone who completes the survey will get full access to the beta version and once the app is finished, we'll give you 1 year of unlimited premium membership for free :)

Survey criteria:

* US residents
* age between 20 - 45,
* owner or an employee in a small or medium sized company / freelancer,
* directly (or partially) responsible for handling your company’s cash flow.

If you have any questions, please ask. Looking forward to your answers :)



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