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RedCRedC subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2007 in New Member Welcome
Hello Everyone,
I am a new member and wanted to send out a greetings to everyone. I have been reading the forums for a few months now but just decided to join. Also, because I  officially started my part time business last month.
I don`t have a website yet. I am working on it. The name is Carmon Cent$ Financial Counseling. I help people to walk their way out of debt, get control of their money and experience financial peace.
I look forward to joining in and receiving tips, ideas, constructive criticism and whatever else to grow my business. Seeing how debt is a big issue these days, I am determined to change lives. Thanks for reading my intro. :)


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    youngmomatworkyoungmomatwork subscriber Posts: 3
    Hello Red C,
       I just wanted to say hi and welcome.Once you get your website up I would love to take a look at it. I think most of us could use a little help getting out of debt including myself.
       To tell you a little about myself, I am from Atlanta and I have started a cleaning service. So far it is very slow but I am looking to pick things up in the new once I can put more money into advertising.
       Well thats about it hope to talk with you soon.
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    pcasstle1pcasstle1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi and welcome to SUN!
    I`m willing to start my online translations services business, but I still don´t have any idea of where to start.
    I hope to get some ideas from you guys!
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    SullySully subscriber Posts: 7
    I know some folks that have been in that space for awhile.  I hope you evaluated the markets completely. 
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    RedCRedC subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey youngmomatwork, Im sure your cleaning business will pick up soon. You should pick up a couple of books from the library on inexpensive ways to market your business. They may give you ideas to work with.
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    RedCRedC subscriber Posts: 2
    Well my dreams are to change my family tree financially which I am working towards right now. To actually be wealthy and not just display the "image" of wealth. To live in financial peace and live like no one else because I worked hard, smart and made good decisions financially. Also,
    - Help others get out and stay out of debt and take control of their finances
    - Build up my business debt free
    - Write a national best seller book, host seminars, sells dvds and cds of my services
    And more goals, I don`t have a timeline for them all yet but I`m on it.
    Thanks for asking!
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