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Need help with social media marketing

startup_rookie12startup_rookie12 subscriber Posts: 4 Member
I just recently started a business of importing beauty products from Asia and selling them here. But we are not getting traffics. I tried to do facebook and instagram myself but it's too hard to get people to stick around. I did the giveaway but people just take the item and leave. It's temporary. Should I just use the social marketing services and pay them instead? I searched up some of the services and it looks like there are few that I can contact and see what they can offer. Theres one website that was interesting as it aligned with my product category and seemed unique.
www.08liter.com from what i found they do giveaway campaigns for products they partner with and their users try the stuff and leave review in return. I was thinking about doing couple of these as i have some samples to spare. Does anyone have any experience with this company or whether they can be trusted? They do seem legit given their facebook and instagram pages are active. If you have any other services that i can use please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and god bless you.


  • BrotherJBrotherJ subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    For starters, instead of randomly giving your products to random people, why don't you give them out to friends or even social media celebs with a credible number of followers, in return you can ask them for a shout-out on their social media page. That way you can get more people to take notice of your business.
  • startup_rookie12startup_rookie12 subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    > @BrotherJ said:
    > Hi,
    > For starters, instead of randomly giving your products to random people, why don't you give them out to friends or even social media celebs with a credible number of followers, in return you can ask them for a shout-out on their social media page. That way you can get more people to take notice of your business.

    Hey BrotherJ
    Thank you so much for helping me out. I've tried to contact these 'influencers' and they all ask for huge sum of money which I can't really afford at the moment..I would give them out to folks around me but they are really not tech savy and don't use internet often...and what made me interested in these 08liter site is that as long as i give them my samples, they do all the marketing and it's all free and taken care of. im not sure whether that can be effective or not so i was wondering if you guys recommend this route. i'll try to look for more social media celebs to give me shout out for my products. thanks so much!!!
  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited June 2017
    Another similar site that has been mentioned on our forum is www.ebassador.com, which does social media promotions/contests and influencer marketing. It may cost a couple thousand dollars up front, but I've heard it yields good results. 

    However, I have not personally used it, and therefore can't recommend it, but maybe worth looking into. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
  • Adam JonesAdam Jones subscriber Posts: 124 Silver Level Member
    As a startup or small business owner, you know there’s a lot to accomplish with limited resources.Traditional marketing can be a drain on your funds. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is pretty low-cost and gives you a direct line to current and prospective customers.

    When using social media for your startup or small business, the most important thing to remember is that social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Use this social media guide to start your social marketing efforts. Define your audience and choose the best platform to reach them. Do your research, integrate your social media icons and links, share your (and others’) content and keep track of how things are going. Follow those steps and you’ll be positioned for success!

  • leonhamperleonhamper subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Social Media Marketing for business is very effective but before getting into that stage, we all have to experience how it feels like to have ZERO followers, fans and engagement. Through that as entrepreneurs, we will grow.

    At first, you can start with your friends, ask them to become fans. Regular updates on the pages are helpful. People will only engage if you have updates that are out of the box. Happy to know that you are running contests to get fans but you can always give out small goodies only. What was your promo? Was it just share to win? Comment to win? You can maybe tweak it in the future. Like tagging 3 of their friends, sharing publicly, share + comment + tag.

    Don't give up! Everything is an opportunity to become a better entrepreneur.
  • CarlbrewsterCarlbrewster subscriber Posts: 160 Silver Level Member
    It's better to tryout yourself you will get the idea about how things work? so, give it a shot
  • jimmy johnsonjimmy johnson subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member
    Hire an agency for your business, But experienced one they will help you to get more sales and conversions!
  • Cara O'BlenessCara O'Bleness administrator Posts: 68 Site Admin
    Social media marketing trends are always changing, but livestreaming is one your startup should take advantage of ASAP.

    This article offers insights into four additional hot social media marketing strategies for 2017, which might be of interest:

    Cara O'Bleness
    Content Director
  • startup_rookie12startup_rookie12 subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Thank you so so much everyone..I've been struggling to get my site up and running and also have our social media side of things moving as well. But as you have guess it, not doing so well..I've been doing facebook ad with little budget and seen no improvement in sales..I've decided to give couple instagram influencers our products in exchange for some promotion and did partnered up with 08liter to do giveaway and get reviews in return. Hopefully these will get us up and running with marketing and we can get some decent increase in sales to hire our marketing person. I really really appreciate all the help and replies on this board..It really helped me a lot. Thank you everyone and god bless you. I'll keep you all updated!!
  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited July 2017
    One free Twitter "hack" to gain followers is search hashtags relative to your industry, like and retweet relevant tweets, follow top people/influencers in your field and use those same hashtags that they are using in your own tweets (one to three hashtags is plenty, no need to use more). Go back into your likes later and retweet the relevant tweets you have not yet retweeted over the next couple of days. You'll likely find that many people of similar interests will follow you/your company. This takes a little bit of time, but is costless and easy to do. I've increased my followers on my personal account by about 110 percent over the past three months using this strategy. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
  • startup_rookie12startup_rookie12 subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    @"Ryan O'Bleness" Thank you so much for your advice. I'll definitely try that method. 110% over three months sounds awesome!!!! I guess keeping it steady and consistent is the way to go! Appreciate all the help everyone!!!!!
  • salenadamsalenadam subscriber Posts: 99 Silver Level Member
    Social media marketing  it is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.
    Following steps are help to the social media marketing:
    A Consistent Brand Image
    Social Media for Content Promotion
    Sharing Curated Links
    Great Social Content

  • arjun123arjun123 subscriber Posts: 114 Silver Level Member
    You want to work on your content and sem too..
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