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I’m coming up with a new chat application idea and their features

jdprasadvjdprasadv subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hi everyone I have a small idea on Social network and mobile app. It has small difference than other chat apps. I will describe the features over here. I would like to give a best appearance and very user friendly on web and mobile based. Now I am targeting the daily well wishers, Business people to scheduling their meetings and they can chat with their meeting people on go. they can wish with a predefined messages or wish messages like good morning with a nice quotations, festival based wishing messages, Birthday wishes with a good lines and greetings cards. Scheduled messages time to wish. (ex. way2sms.com). Everything existed in internet but a small change can make a bigger one I think. my App name is: CAPTCHAT.

1. Chat: you can chat with your friends
2. Greet: wish them on time and on a special day and on festival
you can celebrate your festivals with lots of greeting cards and wishing messages
3. Video chat and send a wish video on scheduled time to their special day, Make a funny gifs with stickers.
4. Share location with pics and videos to your friends timeline to show where you are and you can give live updates on your timeline
5. Story board for your novels, books, magazines and write your story
**6. group chat, group video chat and doodle **
7. Funny video making with stickers and gifs
8. Live photo editor
9. Scheduling time for wishes, greetings and predefined messages to your special ones
10. group and live updates for your meetings
11. walk chat - memories
12. quotations, wishes, greeting cards, predefined messages based on categories you can share on whatsapp, messenger, facebook time line and your timeline, twitter etc...!

Give me any suggestions and tell me how is this idea?


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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Interesting, and very ambitious, idea, @jdprasadv

    My first question is, do you have the resources to create something like this? It's sounds like it would come at a hefty cost, take a lot of time, and a take up a lot of bandwidth. 

    But nevertheless, I think it would be a program a lot of people would like to use, if you are able to correctly market it and build buzz. 

    I would suggest checking out the top chatting software programs out there: Slack, BoldChat, LivePerson, etc., study them and find out where potential pain points might be with their products and come up with a solution none of those other programs have.

    As you pointed out, a lot of that stuff is already in existence, so what makes your product stand out and why should people use it? You need to find that game-changer, which will also help you secure funding from venture capitalists (if you need that), who are always looking for a product with a "10x difference. " 

    Good luck! 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    jdprasadvjdprasadv subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, thanks for the information. I have referred many apps and technically I was done the research on this. Now a days we can use the multi programming languages for better performance and cloud services also. I am not yet started working on this. I was done research only. I am comparing with other existence apps. Thanks for your information and analysis.
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