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How to Get the Attention of a Social Influencer to Grow Your Brand

StartupNationStartupNation administrator Posts: 625 Site Admin

imageHow to Get the Attention of a Social Influencer to Grow Your Brand

Learn how to get the attention of a social influencer in order to get your brand put in front of thousands of new followers.

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  • McCandlessMcCandless subscriber Posts: 52 Bronze Level Member
    First of all, if you are using your personal influence for a client you must always reveal that.  Even in a tweet.  I usually just add (client) in parenthesis. Secondly, whatever reputation you have is likely to be diminished (I won't name names but it happens frequently among those of us able to recognize who's tweeting for cash) if you do do it.  Third, there's a right and wrong way.  If you have a client that gets accolades for an achievement, it's OK to call it out.  If you notice someone on Twitter with a problem for which a client product can offer a solution, why not share the suggestion?  With the proper disclaimer, of course.  And finally, you should take advantage of the influence, which ideally you have earned for all the value you add to the community, and apply it. That is, after all, no different than your contacts in the press,  your relationship with film directors, your access to creative talent.  It's your currency and value. So use it, but protect it, too.
  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited July 2017
    Another common practice when promoting a company or product on Twitter or Facebook is to write #ad. I think it's fairly easy to determine when something is an obvious plug, but as McCandless points out, it is best practice to be transparent with what you're trying to accomplish.   
    Ryan O'Bleness
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  • Cora WilliamsCora Williams subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Ohh, without social accounts there will not be any brand growing
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