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How sure are you of your Social Media Marketing strategy?

MLarsonMLarson subscriber Posts: 1 Member
When I first started with my business, I knew that it wasn't going to be easy- after all, nothing in the world of "Marketing" ever was and with the medium of Facebook becoming the main focus for where all customer traffic comes from, it made it really difficult for me to even make a dent in the whole process.

I tried just posting a couple of links to my blogs hoping it would gain traction but that backfired quickly when I realized Facebook would hide my post under tons of people's cat videos and memes...it made everything so hard to even get done.

I was new to Facebook so I tried to study the mechanics behind my page and found the publishing tools and insights and it just made it even more complicated when I was looking over every single details wondering "how do I even begin?"

What am I lacking?

My second trial with my social media marketing plan was to try posting my links on as many social media marketing sites as possible, aiming for Twitter, Instagram only to be met with the reality that all social media platforms were inherently different for the other...What my Facebook link did did not match how it had to presented on Twitter and even more so difficult with Instagram that needed pictures. It was turning hopeless.

I then found this blog online and tried to use all the tricks and strategies , it was a crazy whirlwind of learning new stuff but I eventually got the hand of it.

So please, tell me how did you get your page off the ground and got your site traffic through your strategies?

((If you want to know what blog I read, check out: https://blog.merakium.co/Design/the-ultimate-social-media-marketing-strategy )) Hope it helped!


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