B-School for Entrepreneurship?

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What are your thoughts about going back to school and getting an MBA in entrepreneurship?
I`ve been pondering this for a while, but I`m not quite sure it is necessary...


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    In the interest of full disclosure, like Seth Godin I have one of those fancy MBAs, and I would agree that, when it comes to entrepreneurship, experience is the most invaluable teacher.
    That being said, I did note one quote you included in your blog Dean:
    "Your success in life will depend on the books you read and the people you meet."
    That`s a pretty telling quote when you reference an MBA - because regardless of how you evaluate the classroom experience, the fact is you encounter an immense number of smart, accomplished people when you`re completing an MBA.  It`s a relatively unique combination of talented people.  If your success depends on the people you meet, then you could do worse than the people you get to spend a great deal of time learning from and networking with in business school (and some of the books are pretty useful as well).
    So please let the MBA-bashing continue - just thought I`d chime in as one of the suckers  - I`m with you on entrepreneurship, if you`re set on being an entrepreneur and getting an MBA, make your focus strategy or finance or marketing - and get the most out of that network!
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    Chuck,You said it! Or should I say HDean said it? I only have an AA degree from the Art Institute of Seattle. The people I met in college have proven more profitable than the course itself. That was in 1991 and I still communicate with one classmate. Matter of fact, we teamed up for a while at one point. i probably o "him" one 2.
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