What is your dream job?

Natalie MNatalie M Posts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
My dream job is to have a designer school, where we will be teaching people design and sewing. Just wanted to know what your dream job is and would you risk your current job to succeed in the one you really want. What will be your motivation if you get your dream job?


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness Birmingham, Mich. Posts: 654administrator Site Admin
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    My dream job would be something in sport -- preferably American football. Possibly a pro scout, general manager or even sports marketing or public relations. I would love to be a writer/reporter for any of the major American sports leagues as well. 
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  • borntoruleborntorule Posts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
    No. I would not risk . I should be 100% sure that this business is profitable enough to keep me without necessity to work full-time.
  • GastonGaston Posts: 20subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I am a huge video game nerd so I guess my dream job would be somehow connected with the industry. Thankfully internet is a good way to get started in this field by I'm somewhat at a loss as to where to start from.
  • Matt ShieldsMatt Shields Posts: 15subscriber Bronze Level Member
    If you wish to succeed, do not just dream of a job; but dream of becoming an entrepreneur providing jobs instead. Let your passion, coupled with a solid plan of action, take shape.
  • BrotherJBrotherJ Posts: 5subscriber Member
    I'll answer the first part of the question. Honestly, I don't know.

    I enjoy dipping my feet in different industries as I believe I'm still young enough do so without people depending on me. Risky I know, but that's what I'm in love with; the process. Until I find my "dream" job, I'm not settling for now.
  • gambitgambit Posts: 8subscriber Member
    My dream job, to become a public figure. A kind of auditor of the quality of life of society.
    My work is connected with this, and only brings me closer to my dream!
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