Anyone interested in partner-up on new technologies/Inventions, new products ?

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I am an inventor, concept provider, thinker, and always love new ideas, and I also have the resources from existing partners to put together for new projects. For some cases, I needed partners of different expertise who are interested in the similar fields. My business include latest bioplastic products and technology, 3D printing related projects, pulp moulded packaging products (food and industrial packaging and etc.) and turnkey solution, and new software development, just to name a few.

I welcome anyone interested in the topic to share idea. Thank you !


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    Very interesting, @Yong. Good luck! 
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  • YongYong Posts: 3subscriber Member
  • RuvyRuvy Posts: 4subscriber Member
    hi Yong...i also love inventions
    ...especially technological inventions..including developing new games..i do have a few game ideas i thought of..i just need someone to help me make them...and improving current technologies..e.g improving the cancer treating machine...
    do share some of your invention ideas..i would be happy to help :)
    and yes i am interested to partner up in your inventions
  • YongYong Posts: 3subscriber Member
    Hello Ruvy, good to read your response. It will be meaningful to develop something that help cancer treatment. I certainly would like to talk more with you.
    You may read about my previous work at
    We may discuss the details offline. I can be contacted at yong(at)
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