Creating an Auction Site?

calvincalvin subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
I`m looking to create an online auction site for a specific niche.
Do you guys think it`ll be easier to purchase a software auction program like PHP Pro Bid to build the framework, then modify from there... or just hire a programmer to build a site from scratch?
Keep in mind I have very limited funds and absolutely no programming experience.


  • calvincalvin subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
    I would personally use existing (read out of beta testing) software and if needed hire someone to extend / integrate the script.  What work I have contracted out has never been cheap and if you don`t know what to look for you can get someone who takes a pre-existing solution modifies the "face" and then sells it back to you at 3 times the cost.  Just my 2 cents.
    Yeah... this was my thought process. 
    I`ve looked through e-lance/scriptlance and alot of designers offer to designer "skins" for php pro bid.
    Modifying existing software might save me alot $$$.  Who knows how much building a custom auction site from the ground up will cost....
  • knockknockhloknockknockhlo subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Hi ,
         what i know , even you are sure that certain kind of traffic drive  to your site, it doesnt necessarily mean , they `ll going to buy from your site  or in short "conversion ratio" is biggest threat , i saw some of my friends who managed to get some traffic but didnt get any good sales , reason is simple , "what you got something special in your website , which none else got particularly ebay , amazonetc. etc"
  • JaredJamesJaredJames subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Calvin,
    I`m glad I joined on this site because I too have an idea for an online auction site. It will be definitely different and will fill a gap in the market.
    What I`d like to know is did you create that site? If so, how did you do it? I need some help on developing this idea too. What will I need?
  • toycardirecttoycardirect subscriber Posts: 4
    I too am actually looking into doing this!  I think if you are limited on funds you should develop on the ProBid framework.
  • JaredJamesJaredJames subscriber Posts: 0
    wow. Thanks for the ProBid tip. They look like they have some great skins on there. So what does a person need to know to build the site from there? I should still have a designer or programmer build the site right?
    Also, what about tech support? Does ProBid offer this? Should I find a company to outsource that to?
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