Should I stick to the (less than) 5 min rule?

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My original site was too long and detailed for most reviewers so I recently created  a new, more concise one that can be reviewed in less than 5 minutes: However, in order to keep it "under 5 minutes" I had to leave out some very important financial data: that data (including 2 charts) is in the Pitch Deck and there is a link to it on the site. 

You think this is a good idea (since the shorter the site is the better the odds it'll be read to the end) or you'd forget about the 5 min rule and bring the charts and $$ data to the site, since that's paramount for investors, manufacturers and licensees?



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    I think it is better to keep the site as clear and concise as possible. You'll want your most pertinent information displayed there: explain what your company does. Keep in mind that you don't have to, and you shouldn't, detail your entire business model/plan on the homepage of the website. People often use the homepage to get introduced to your brand/product. As you mentioned having a link to a separate page or document of your data and financial information on the homepage would be a grand idea. But I don't think it's necessary to be on the homepage. 

    Just my opinion. 
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