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I need the perfect vehicle for my images

Hi all.   I need help developing and launching a retail product that is related to the stationary/paper products/ gift market.  I have several prototype images and copyright is not an issue.  I would like to start off small to test the waters without commiting to a larger run.   I realize trade shows are a great place to network, make contacts and locate manufacturers but the major shows don`t take place until next year.   Attending would also allow me the opportunity to determine what products are the real winners before making an investment.   I`m finding that an end product is needed before going much further with the artwork as it determines size, layout etc.   I don`t know what requirements/formats  manufacturers would require to produce.   Also, I do a fairly good job at manipulating the images on my PC but I may need some help ultimately for them to be perfect.   How do I move forward NOW?   How can I find a short term mentor?  The SBA hasen`t been all that helpful in the past.   Any thoughts?
nextlilypad9/14/2008 11:02 PM


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