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Hello peeps!

I recently started a new website to bring entrepreneurs and start-up lovers the practical implications of the entrepreneurship research ( I would like to talk about important topics that research provides insights as well topics that people value (and click). Here might be a tension because some topics like personality traits are kind of obsolete in the research area. 

For me gaining traction has higher priority as I can monetize the idea later on. What are your suggestions to attract more people and keep the quality of my posts high?



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    Hi there! 

    Keeping people engaged, and constantly reminding them of your brand is the best way to do so. Actually implementing that is difficult, but if you're able to place your users into personas, you can better serve them by personalizing the content send to them. 

    It's called inbound marketing. If you are on a platform such as HubSpot, you have the ability to create workflows for your personas and lists, that sends them emails based on criteria such as them signing up for a form on your website. You set up the process so it is all automated based the action of the users. These emails are constant reminders to your audience that you are engaging with them. 

    Other ideas: 
    Daily blogs
    Use internal links in your posts to other parts of your website
    Use external links in your posts to credible sources 
    Bring influencers or authors on to guest blog. 
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