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I am located in Europe and will be starting up an online magazine in which the main page is in German and English will be international pages. International customers have the opportunity of sending me their news, PR and announcements but they need to be translated into German.

Question is: Do I include German translation in our package pricing? Meaning, I would be losing money to the sale for the translation (which will be done by an agency.)


Translation will be listed as "Available upon request" so if they don't have anyone in house to translate to German, we will take care of it for them by sending the translation to our trusted agency, and they would be getting an invoice on top for the tranlsation.

I am not sure what is better. The PR will be running the site, so I dont want customers to get turned off by the on top price, but then I dont want 30% of my business wasted away on translation.

In any case, my my prices are way lower than the competitors since I am only a start up.

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • bharat.nimblechappsbharat.nimblechapps AhmedabadPosts: 186subscriber Silver Level Member
    I think you should use Google Translation service in your magazine it is online web magazine.
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    Thank you, but if you mean running text through the google translator then that wont do an accurate or professional job.
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    Hi adrana24, having only just joined this site, I have just come across your post, so I'm guessing you are likely to have now found a solution.
    Nonetheless, our opinion would be to add 'Translation available upon request' as those wanting to contribute to your magazine will have likely to have budgeted for this service if they are looking to communicate with multiple target markets.
    Furthermore, in order to get professional translation you would need to a budget for it. As you stated, Google Translate is still not able to provide accurate and reliable results. You do get what you pay for and it is not worth risking your reputation with inferior translation.
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    Try to use some freelancers for it
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    You can hire freelancers to get the works done. I believe the price will be much cheaper as compared to the agency. 

    1) You can give free translation as part of the promotion for a specific time period (to boost your sales)
    2) Giving it free if they order a minimum amount, $X

    Anyway, it depends on how many customers you have. If you are going to publish 10 news (example), but receiving 20 news, then you can begin to charge for translation. 

    Even if you do not incur translation cost, I believe you will still need to pay for proofread before printing the news on the papers. Anyway, you have to appreciate the content provided by customers. You won't be able to publish a magazine without them.
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