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materiousmaterious subscriber Posts: 2
I am hoping that someone may have a contact or suggestions on how I would approach Disney with a product idea that they would use and sell in their theme parks/hotels/stores.  
I do not wish to use Disney images on my product, but instead I want to license my idea to them.
I know that there is the DCP, Disney Consumer Products, but from what i can tell from their website, they seem to deal mostly with licensing Disney likenesses to manufacturers.
Any help would be great.  Thanks!


  • materiousmaterious subscriber Posts: 2
    legsx3thanks for your response.  any help would be great.  are you sure that what you say is not for getting a license to use disney images on your own product?  otherwise, why would disney care how long i had been in business if i have a great idea for them to license from me?thanks again,bruce
  • materiousmaterious subscriber Posts: 2
    thanks for your reply.  it still looks like this is for a process through which disney would grant me a license to put mickey on my product.  unfortunately it will take 10 weeks to get a response back from them to see if this is the correct avenue.   thanks for your help.
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