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Business Stalled..........

mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Marketing
 "Find on thing and do it well"
mothercares1/22/2008 3:03 PM


  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Let us know what it is you are trying to sell and SuN can offer some ideas.
  • mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
    Company Name: Mother Cares Infant Products LLC
    Product: "Quick Change Diaper Pak"
    Contents: 3 diapers, (s,m,l) 1 pak wipes (10 count) 1.5 oz baby powder
    Ideal Retailer: Hotel Gift Stores, Convenience Stores, Travel Centers
    Idea Concept: For those situations, when you run out of diapers while out with the lil diaper wearer or when you are on your way home from a day trip and have more than enough diapers at home and just need one or two diapers to get you through til you get home.
  • AgnesVAAgnesVA subscriber Posts: 1
    You are going to have to use a different approach this time around. Begin to re-educate yourself on marketing, including Internet marketing. Read as many posts as you can on the forum, on product branding and marketing. Do you have a website? If you don`t, then you have to put that on your to-do list. Join forums where you can meet with your target market (e.g. mothers, baby boutique owners, etc). Have faith! You can make a success of your business AGAIN!
  • mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Marcia25,
         I did that and the same products that were on the market back then are still there, 3 diapers in a package. It`s what was there in 1992 it`s whats there still. It`s not they are not interested, because I have yet to make a presentation to any one. When I try to tell, the assistant or secretary about the product.........they say in a nice way, save it for the person who makes the decision, they take the call back info and then no one calls. When I go in and try to talk it`s the same thing, you need an appointment, which I can`t seem to get. I have also had the "I love it what a noval idea" but I don`t do the purchasing.
  • mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi AgnesVa,
          Yes I`m trying to keep the faith on this..................Yes I have a website, but I think it sucks and needs a serious makeover..........can`t afford it right now. Maybe you could look it over and tell me what you think it needs. www.mothercares-llc.com  My sales are B2B so selling direct to consumers is not part of the plan. Let me know your thoughts on the website.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi Motherscare!
    I`m such a huge believer in the business plan.  Maybe you need to dust it off and take a good hard look at it.  Maybe things need to change, be adjusted and updated.  Start brainstorming about marketing and write down every single crazy idea that comes into your head.  Why not do direct to consumer?  The profit margins are better.  Why not both?  For wholesale sales have you looked into a manufacturers rep with a great reputation in your industry?  How are the trade shows going?  Let us know how it goes. 
  • mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi GrillCharmer,
            The reason I started the company with the product I did, was because while on a
    trip with my new born many years ago, while I had enough diapers at the start of the trip by the time we headed home I was out. I just needed a few to get me home, where I had a case of  diapers. I couldn`t find just a few, without having to buy a whole package. Thus the concept behind the "Quick Change". Selling direct to consumers is not feasible because no mother or dad will buy 3 diapers only if they are completely out, they will need more. It is a niche item, a stop gap of sorts. But all of the suggestions, are worth me looking over again to find sales.....because right now the business is not doing anything.
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    I just don`t think the product is that attractive.
    We buy Costco box. It lasts about a month. Normally, we never run out.
    When we were traveling, we have run out a couple of times, but we didn`t feel any problem buying a pack with 20 diapers. 3 is just not enough....and 3 diapers of difference sizes? Why?
  • mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
    I respect your thoughts Johnqh, but did you even read what I wrote................I explained that all in the four post I made.

     Since not all babies bottoms are the same size, you can get them in 3 small, 3 medium or 3 large. No different then if your child is a large..............would you put her/him in small diapers? You would buy the size that fits.
  • mothercaresmothercares subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi CampSteve,
          I think I`m having trouble because, I only know how to sell the way I did in 92. Make a call, talk to the buyer, have them order a couple of cases and move on to the next one, or send a sample and have them fax a PO.
    But this does not seem to work like it did in 92. I tried direct marking as well no luck. Unless I`m missing something, those are the only ways I know to make sales.
    mothercares11/16/2007 10:38 PM
  • WrittenSolutionsWrittenSolutions subscriber Posts: 1
    I would suggest submitting an article to one of the hospitality industry`s trade magazines or newsletters. Many of these types of publications are in real need of content. If your article is well written and contains some useful information, you should have no problem finding a home for it. Some article tips:

    Good grammar and spelling are a must. Remember, this is your chance to make a first impression.
    Provide the reader with some information that is beneficial to them.
    Work your product into the article but don`t go into a sales pitch. Leave that for later.
    Make sure the publication provides contact information in your byline. This will be what drives potential customers to your website.

    This strategy, often referred to as "article marketing" has been very successful for several of our clients. 
  • WrittenSolutionsWrittenSolutions subscriber Posts: 1
    I forgot to mention in my post that I bet restaurants, malls, stadiums, and airports/airlines would be very interested in your product. Not as something they would sell but something they would have on hand as a courtesy to their customers. 
    For what it`s worth, I think you have a great idea. I could also see these being put in some vending machines (similar to the feminine hygiene products).
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I couldn`t see the product on your website, I looked and looked and can`t seem to locate it. Have you tried to solicit the travel centers on the interstates? Also restaurants and hotels....folks sometime come unprepared. How about health clubs where they offer babysitting, even dept stores in malls where there are not any drugstores nearby..even the bathrooms in malls. Possibly vending these items. They would also be great for a school sports feild where parents may not expect to be for long but they end up being so and need a quick diaper package. I like the colors of your website, just get some photos up. Contact vending machine companies to see if they would buy your product wholesale.
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    OK, I misunderstood. To be fair, your original comment did sound like a package of three sizes, instead of a package with three size options.
    No need to be defensive. No, your comments did not address whether there is a real need in the market.
    1. Most chain stores have corporate buyers who decide what to carry. You won`t get anywhere talking to the local manager. That means, most of the convenient stores/drug stores are out of question (7 Eleven, Walgreen).
    2. If a store is already carrying a 3-daiper package, why would they switch to you?
    3. As a father of a 2-yo, we have run out of diaper too during travel. However, we buy a package of 20. Unless you know that you only need enough for half day, there is no point to buy 3. Then the question is, how many parents run out of diapers exactly half day before arriving home?
    4. Why bundling diapers, wipes and powder together? People don`t run out of all three together at the same time, especially don`t run all of them out exactly half day before arriving home.
    5. Airport vending machine is a great suggestion, because that`s where most of your market is. Don`t bundle the items. Have a vending machine of different baby products - diaper, wipe, powder, infant cold medicine, toys, etc.
    6. I wouldn`t focus on stadiums or restaruants. I don`t think people take the kids to the restaruants without checking the diaper bag first.
  • AgnesVAAgnesVA subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ll PM you my thoughts.

    Hi AgnesVa,      Yes I`m trying to keep the faith on this..................Yes I have a website, but I think it sucks and needs a serious makeover..........can`t afford it right now. Maybe you could look it over and tell me what you think it needs. www.mothercares-llc.com  My sales are B2B so selling direct to consumers is not part of the plan. Let me know your thoughts on the website.
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