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What issues do you face with your WordPress website?

WebMedicWebMedic subscriber Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
* Dear admin: please note this post is to collect consumer insights in return for free fixing of the issues found, not solely to advertise/solicit my service. I hope it's okay with you.

Hi everyone,

Do you currently have a WordPress website for your business?

I am working on a website maintenance service and interested to get a better understanding of the issues you might be facing.

In return I will work with you to fix the issues free of charge (if you want).

0. How many websites do you currently manage?

1. What do you use your website for? (ex: generating leads, online sales, informational)

2. Do you measure your website visitors? If yes, approx how many visitors per month?

3. Out of the visitors, approx how many of them convert to sign ups (ex: newsletter, contact form, sales)?

4. Who currently maintains (fixing bugs, customising, managing content) your website?

5. Do you do any online advertising that leads to your website? if yes, how is the conversion rate?

6. Top issues with managing and maintaining your website?

7. Are you interested in a free website health checkup? please share your websites here

8. Are you interested in outsourcing your website maintenance and management?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you
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