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Hey all,So we just launched our web 2.0 service/application (, and, through early feedback and focus groups, have discovered that just about everybody finds the web application extremely useful.  That`s the good news.  The bad news is that at first glance they didn`t really get it, nor did they understand our value propositions.  It took them about a few minutes of playing on our website, watching a minute long flash demo, and actually engaging with the product before the lightbulb clicked.So, in the world of online advertising and marketing (we`re especially interested in bloggers) how do you educate while marketing?  We can`t just get eyeballs...we need engaged eyeballs.  I suppose this is a million dollar question...but I`m just curious what people have tried out, especially people with free website applications and user created content site (which is web 2.0 in a nutshell)Thanks!!Brent


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    Hey Trail:
    Degrees has a point... I got it right away also... and the concept takes the web and creates a very viable product/research tool... I woul also suggest you capture some relationship and fusion marketing on your page thereby also gaining some industrial/professional credibility and income/viewers/members.  University/school affiliations/ads will provide entre to faculty/student usage and it only takes one well-regarded educator to make your e-biz launch....
    Just my humble opine...
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    You guys are awesome!  Thanks!
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