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GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
Greetings everyone in Startup Nation,
I have seen some websites that provide a back-up service for a fee. I have an idea that would combine two services. My idea would incorporate a backup storage and provide a page in which the user can create a personal webpage. The user could store music, pictures, or use it as a back-up.  My revenue would come from charging a small fee for the service and include an pay for ad model in which advertiser can pay for ads that generate traffic.
Can I get some feedback on what anyone thinks about it and if is even doable and profitable?
Thanks, George


  • bfleming98bfleming98 subscriber Posts: 0
    It doesn`t sound like a bad idea.  If you look at these companies it`s the bandwidth cost that`s expensive. Perhaps you *think* of a way to combine this with all the extra cable-modem bandwidth that`s floating around in cyberspace.
    If you can get around the bandwidth constraint I think you`re on to something.
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Bryan,
    Thanks for the feedback. I beleive you have a point on bandwidth. Although I didn`t think it was going to be that big of an issue. I was thinking maybe a T-1 line for starters. I do want to expand to offering service to the commenrcial sector. Although that probably won`t be until later.
    My next step is going to be to create a business plan to make sure I highlight what it is I want to do with this project. I have to do some cost and revenue projections as well, so I will need to get a hold of an IT person that knows the ins of the industry.
    Thanks again!
  • zeppzepp subscriber Posts: 2
    I believe Apple has been providing something quite similar with its
    ".mac" service.


    Might be worth a look for ideas.

    Good luck with it!
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tip there Zepp. I will have a look at it. Now all I need is someone to consult with on how to set up my back-up infrastructure. Does anyone know about building a server network base location for my business.
  • GeorgeGeorge subscriber Posts: 4
    I appreciate the tip there dmarques. I have seen that website before, but I can`t get what I am looking for just by browsing the site. I am looking for some who knows about data centers and how that works for hosting a website like mine that would offer a backup solution for businesses and the private individual.
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