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Guys I need some brainstorming help. I am planning to open in the near future an import export company which will provide sourcing solutions for manufacturers internatilly to purchase USA originated products mostly industrial products. i have a huge lack of creativity.
Please suggest some name for the business. Key words: enginnering, international, trade, export, import, global, international, world etc.
Thanks in advance.


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    First of all my best wishes for your future venture.
    When coming to the branding aspect there's a hive of the Import/Export companies with these keywords,that would make it hard for any new venture to make a stand out impact.What i would suggest is using a creative & compatible brand name & domain name to establish the desired business image & subsequent online exposure.Check the site,a database of innovative brand names & domains to suit every requirement.Any other queries feel free to message me here.Cheers.
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