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Doing Business in Spanglish?

HectorHector subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Selecting a Business
Does it really matter if your business can attract multiple cultures? Some say no and some say definitely?
A long time ago it did not matter what language you spoke., what customers you attracted, as long as you spoke English and the Brand was targeted to a domestic customer.
Ever since the internet came alive, the old rules don`t apply, and we don`t know what the new rules will be. Being flexible, adaptive,and able to serve the global marketplace is what will increase  revenues, customer service and maket reach. There is no doubt that English is the number one language of business but imagine if you could use the number two language of business to increase revenues, customers service and  market reach.
41% of minorities in the US are hispanics, (hot social topic)  reaching this customer base was very difficult in the past, but with the advent of the itnernet you can do this almost instantly. The technology to offer these capabilities are available and easier to implement than we think. 
Here is the bottom line: We need to consider the option of doing business with global customer or even domestic customers in there native language. Depending on the products and services you are offering, customers want to know exactly what they are buying and what the terms and conditions are. 
Doing this in the native language gives your brand, your company, your customers the confidence that they are buying what they expected.  Yes we should all speak English but having the option  to speak Spanglish will make the difference in the future. Think about giving the option to your customers to do business globally.
 Hector2007-1-31 20:51:34


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